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Hello, the council would like to gauge your opinion on the metagame post NDMPL. This lets us get a better understanding about how the playerbase feels about the current metagame and take appropriate steps with regard to tiering (if anything is tiered).

Take note that this doesn't guarantee that we'll have a suspect afterwards or something will be free.

You have until October 16 to respond, and those with a Smogon account may respond.

Please respond to the survey here! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Have a great day.


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Results are in! Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey, we got 42 responses. This was a great way for Council to get more insight from the community while we start to make some new tiering decisions. Without further ado, the results:

The average rating for all responses is 8 and for qualified users 8.27! These are pretty good results but always leave room for improvement.

The average rating for all responses is 7.07 and for qualified users 7.09! This is a number we'd like to see go up after the upcoming tiering actions. We want As not Cs.

Now the individual Pokemon results:

Nearly half of all responses at 42.9% and over half of qualified users at 58.3% support tiering action. Baxcalibur has been at the top of our watchlist and for good reason. It may have survived in SV Monotype but we'll see how it does in National Dex Monotype. The council has agreed that the first suspect test will be Baxcalibur (Coming Soon™).

We got some mixed results here and I expect that is due to Ogerpon-Hearthflame only being usable on two types or because of what meta types it's impacting most. That being said 40.5% of all responses and only 25% of qualified responses think that Ogerpon-Hearthflame is unbalanced or needs tiering action. We will keep it on the watchlist though as the other suspects happen and the metagame shifts.

I think this is the one most people are excited about. Hoopa-Unbound a long time menace for generations has pretty compelling results for getting a suspect and potentially being unbanned. 57.2% of all responses and 66.6% of qualified responses would like to see a suspect test. The council wants to focus on balancing the current metagame before adding in potential new threats which is why Baxcalibur's suspect will be first.

The comments section had only one standout which was Ursaluna-Bloodmoon. This Pokemon has been making big waves (or tremors?) in all tiers since its release. We will make sure to keep an eye here too as the suspects happen and the meta shifts.

Thank you again to everyone who responded, we always appreciate community feedback. If you have more you'd like to discuss don't wait for another survey. You can bring up concerns and questions here!

With the results being released we have also started the suspect test of Baxcalibur. For more information and to register check out this page and good luck to everyone going for reqs!
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